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You have a story to tell.
That’s perfect, because we’re storytellers.
Here’s our story.

We are a full service digital film production company proudly located in Sacramento, CA. But this business means more to us than simply making pretty moving pictures.

We are a family business. This not only makes for very interesting company meetings, but it also ensures that our job doesn’t end when we leave the office. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t just love what we do; we live it.

The Fam

  • Rusty Prevatt // Partner, Producer, Director
  • Dave Prevatt // Partner, Director of Photography, Post Supervisor, Editor
  • Frank Prevatt // Partner, Chief Financial Officer, Digital Assets Manager
Working on music video


Our work is our passion. That includes the creative, the writing, the pitch, the filming, the editing, and the delivery. But most of all, that includes our clients. Relationships are like fuel to us. Simply put, we are people people. So let’s be friends, but with benefits. Benefits like the valuable, experienced, and creative support we provide to help you tell your story in the smartest, most effective way possible.

Working on Farm to Fork



Your dream is our command… kind of. Because we believe that collaboration is key. It truly takes a group effort when it comes to pre-production – creating, writing, planning, casting, scouting, scheduling, adjusting, re-adjusting… and then comes the really fun part – production.


Production is when we get to play with all the toys. Lights, cameras, helicopters, jibs, dollies, microphones, talent, locations, grip trucks, computers, animation, etc. – making your story come to life.


But we don’t just produce; we deliver. In the end, that is what it’s all about – getting more than what you thought possible. That’s exactly why we find ourselves with clients that keep coming back, not to mention winning awards.

Filming Garabaldi

Our Work

Franklin Team


So let’s start telling your story, together. Pick up the phone, drop us an email, send us a message on Twitter or Facebook. Let’s go grab a beer, coffee, or lunch and get this party started.

contact info:
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office | 3385 Lanatt Street, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95819
phone | 916-942-9892